Protect Your Network From Threats and Unwanted Content

Cloud Based DNS Firewall & Malware Detection
What is Roksit?
Roksit investigates, analyzes and classifies/categorizes DNS traffic. Depending on the analysis of DNS traffic, it detects “”harmful network traffic”” such as Malware - C&C Botnet - Ransomware - Phishing etc. and blocks them. Thus, it provides an effective protection. Roksit has an extensive domain categorization database accompanied by its advanced, successful classification/categorization mechanism on which artificial intelligence techniques are used.

Roksit DNS Firewall

Roksit DNS firewall is an effective/advanced cloud-based cybersecurity service which provides web security and application control by analyzing DNS traffic. Thank to its advanced and flexible reporting feature, it presents/provides significant data to network administrators for them to carry out required actions.

Domain Categorization

By means of the work conducted carefully untill now, a very strong database has been developed for domain categorization. There are;
  • 37 Main Categories
  • 121 Sub Categories
  • 5 Different Security Levels
Roksit guarantees to classify/categorize a domain in 24 hours which hasn’t been come up/categorized before.

Roksit Cyber X-Ray

Following features of Roksit Cyber X-Ray which works as integrated with Roksit DNS Firewall and Microsoft Active Directory,
  • Advanced DNS Visibility Report
  • Infected Device Detection
  • Infected File Detection
makes it unique/makes it a unique product.
Roksit Solutions
Roksit provides innovative solutions which are easy to use against recently emerging /evolving cyber threats. Roksit filters and analyzes internet traffic without using/installing any software or hardware on users’ computers. This means it detects malware without using any endpoint security products.

Botnet C&C Protection

Roksit DNS Firewall provides protection against to Active / Passive Botnet C&C by analyzing the traffic of users who are infected by malware and connected to C&C.

Infected File Detection

Roksit Cyber X-Ray processes DNS logs that it derives from Microsoft Active Directory, by parsing/decomposing/analyzing them. At the end of this process, it detects the users’ device and applications which causes malware traffic. Then, it blocks only malware traffic on device and provides an effective protection and report that.

Ransomware Protection

The solution developed against to Ransomware for protecting users, is implemented according to positive security model by not allowing users to connect to domains which are not in Roksit’s secure domain database.

Security GAP Indicator

We provide additional higher level filtering to other Security Products missed where your computer access/browse in the internet

Cloud-Based DNS Firewall

Roksit is pleased to offer informative and flexible reports which is easy to understand to customers as a result of the obtained data.

easiest way to be secure

Ensure the security of all your devices in your company or home

Blocks known malicious or unauthorized sites such as phishing, ransomware, and botnet C&C.

Categorization Accuracy Rate
Time Interval of Detecting New Botnet C&C
New Domain Categorization